Comments Policy

Comments are not moderated (i.e. approved beforehand). Threads may be reviewed and comments that are way off topic, grossly offensive, racist, misogynistic… etc. will be deleted when found (the complete list is in my head and may be amended at any time).

Opposing points of view are welcome (you can’t have debate without them). And, generally speaking, no comment will be deleted simply because their author has a different view from mine. Except that certain conspiracy theories will not be tolerated e.g. 9-11 ‘truthers’.

Anyone specifically mentioned in one of my posts will have the right of reply and, especially if criticized in the post, will be given greater latitude (in the language they use) to express themselves than other commenters.

Comments may also be deleted for completely capricious or arbitrary reasons such as me not having had my coffee yet.

If anyone who wishes to have a comment they made deleted or amended, I will do my best to accommodate them.

If you want to use a pseudonym or otherwise remain anonymous, I have no problem with that.

All of the above is subject to the limitations of the blog host, WordPress (about which I am still learning).


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