David Ross is a Scotsman who has failed at many things. Thus his turn to writing, the last refuge of many who can do little else. And he’s not even very good at that. He even stole the opening lines of this about page from a better writer.

I apologize for not providing a full bio. But one of the things I intend to write about is freedom of speech and those who are trying to stifle it. Some of them are not nice people. So I hope you will understand my reticence.

I don’t lay claim to be an authority in any field. Any statement I make or opinion I express has to stand on its own merits or on that of the sources I cite. Visitors are welcome to ask for additional supporting evidence of any assertion I make in the comments thread.

I will try and post at least one in-depth article per week.

Upcoming subjects (not necessarily in the order shown):

Mann vs. Steyn defamation case
The Climate Debate (in general)
Craig Rosebraugh (ELF and ALF)
Environmental extremists
Malthusians and eugenicists
John Holdren
Paul Ehrlich
Ted Kaczynski
Herbert Marcuse and Critical Theory
The counter culture
David Fenton

Additional for climate debate regulars:

Regular visitors to Watts Up With That? may know me as a commenter or as the author of two guest posts there (I’ll repost them here eventually).

Things About Peter Gleick That “Might Also Interest or Intrigue You”

Are you now or have you ever been a global warming denier?
(The climate of history – condemned to repeat it)

The Gleick affair was the issue that first prompted me to write about the climate debate. I don’t think I had even posted a comment prior to that.

Contrary to the alarmists’ perceptions (i.e. that skeptics or “deniers” are all victims of fossil-fuel funded propaganda), it was the words and actions of the proponents of catastrophic man-made global warming themselves that first made me suspicious. Examination of the science came afterwards.

In the second article at WUWT I used religion for an analogy. Some people took exception to this in the comments thread and I was somewhat cringing in my efforts to appease them. I didn’t want to be responsible for introducing unnecessary conflict into someone else’s blog.

The first article in this blog is about the Mann vs. Steyn defamation case. I had originally intended to also post that at WUWT. But Anthony Watts has avoided repeating the alleged defaming text in his posts. He is right to be cautious. He is the subject of repeated and vehement attacks by Mann’s supporters. I am not and it is impossible to do in-depth coverage of the case without quoting that text.

So, I started my own blog, where I don’t have to take consideration for other bloggers so much into account.

Hope you like it.


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