A Mann for all seasons

On July 10th 2012, in the midst of a heatwave, Michael Mann was interviewed by Bruce DePuyt and Bob Ryan (video timestamp 23:16). [Direct link to video]

DEPUYT: Our guest today, Michael Mann, a climate scientist and researcher at Penn State University, shared in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. His new book is out now it is called The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From The Front Lines. We’ll go back to the phones in a moment. Jerry Bethesda we’ll start with you when we do go back to the phones. Anyone else who would like to join us. Loving your calls. Our number is 703-387-1020.
I want to take you guys back to this past weekend when climate change and global warming was topic A, given the heat no surprise, on some of the Sunday shows. Conservative columnist George Will offering his thought

[Mann is shown a clip of a Sunday talkshow This Week with this snippet of dialogue]

QUESTIONER: How do you explain the heat?
WILL: One word, summer.

DEPUYT: ‘How do you explain the heat. Summer.’ Michael Mann, when you hear stuff like that, from a learned guy, a guy who certainly writes well even if he doesn’t know he’s reached the, you know, right conclusions, so to speak. When you hear people like him say ‘Hey it gets hot in the summer, cold in the winter, live with it. Your thoughts on that.

RYAN: And it resonates with a lot of people who have a, share George’s political perspective.

DEPUYT: Absolutely.

MANN: Well you know, it’s disappointing, because here is a public figure who has an opportunity to inform the discussion, inform the debate and instead in that case resorted to a standard climate change denial talking point which doesn’t hold up to any degree of scrutiny. We’ve had Summer. You know, Summer’s been around as long as we’ve been around but we haven’t broken all-time records at the rate that we’re breaking them.

Fast-forward to January 8th 2014 and the weather has taken a turn for the worse (as it swings about the 15-year baseline known as the “pause”), and Michael Mann is interviewed by Paul and Carol Mott, for their podcast The Motts (audio timestamp 19:43).
[Direct link to audio]

CAROL: Less than three weeks into winter and we have been hit hard through North America, with extreme weather conditions, plunging temperatures, ice storms, very deep snow, evidence for some that maybe global warming is a myth. How can the planet be warming up, they say when we are freezing and we’re buried in snow, Now joining us on the line is noted climatologist Michael Mann. He’s distinguished Professor of Meteorology at Penn. State University, author of the book The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars, and recently published in paperback with a new foreword by Bill Nye, the science guy.
Yeah, Michael Mann is joining us. Hi there.

MANN: Hi there. It’s great to be with you.

CAROL: Thank you. How do you respond to those who say well this cannot be global warming because it must be nonsense. It’s a product of the left. They’re just hyping it all up. It’s so cold.

MANN: Yeah, well what I point out is that we climate scientists actually have a technical term for what we’re seeing right now, we call it winter. It’s going to get cold in the winter and that’s going to continue to be true even as the globe continues to warm. We’re not going to see the disappearance of winter. And we’re not going to see the disappearance of weather.

And we climate skeptics have more than a few “technical terms” to describe Michael Mann.

UPDATE: The MP3 download link is broken, but I have a copy saved on my hard drive. If anyone wants to hear it, please recommend a hassle-free file sharing site and I will upload it there.

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One Response to A Mann for all seasons

  1. kanspaugh says:

    Yes, you denialists do have a number of “technical terms” to describe Mr. Mann. If you don’t mention them here, it’s because you’re afraid that doing so might result in your ending up where your friend Mr. Steyn has ended up. He’s been booted at NRO, he’s parted ways with his defense team — basically the guy is up sh-t crick without a paddle, as we Yanks say. A shame when such bad things happen to such good people!

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